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Social Security Disability Insurance Representation

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Social Security Disability Application

 If you have not yet filed an application, my law office may assist you in doing so. If your application was denied and you wish to file an appeal, have already filed and requested a hearing with a Social Security judge or you are simply considering whether to appeal, we can help.  We will, without obligation, evaluate your case and recommend action to take


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Social Security Disability Insurance is intended to assist those who have worked long enough, paying into Social Security, but because of an illness or injury, have been out of work, or expect to be out of work, for a year or longer.  When an application is filed, Social Security will gather some of your medical records and may send you to one of its own doctors for more information.  When a claim is denied at this initial stage, it may be because some important information was not obtained by Social Security or because it relied too much on the report of its own doctor who only saw you one time, rather than your doctors, who know you best.  If you become eligible for SSD, you will, after a period of time, become eligible for Medicare.  Benefits may also be payable for your minor children.
For nearly 25 years, I have focused my legal skills on representing clients throughout the SSD and SSI process, most often in appeals of claims that have been denied, as far as necessary, including, at times, federal court.  We will make sure that all relevant medical evidence is obtained and that all medical conditions that affect an individual’s ability to work are considered. 

When I am retained as your attorney, my experienced office staff and I will take steps to obtain the crucial information that Social Security needs to understand your medical or psychological condition and its impact on your ability to work at either your past work or other work. We will regularly stay in touch with you as your case proceeds toward hearing to be sure that we are up to date regarding the latest medical treatment you have received.  We will discuss the availability of evidence from persons that know you best and who might help a judge understand how your condition has changed your life. We will evaluate how other important factors, such as age and work history, may affect your claim and develop a strategy that gives your case the best opportunity for success at your hearing before the Social Security judge.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 
SSI is another program administered by Social Security which can provide financial benefits to persons with disabilities even if they haven’t worked long enough to qualify for SSDI benefits, and who have very limited income and assets. The medical requirements for SSI are the same as for SSD.

Visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” section for additional information regarding Social Security and the Social Security Disability process.


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